Our company dedicated to the development of technology for use in the medical area, it you comes carrying out an intense activity from 10 years ago. Sample of this is the obtained certifications, given by Public Health, for the A.N.M.A.T and for the Faculty of Medicine from Buenos Aires.

The main feature that has characterized the method of work of CAMPO CUANTICO S.A. from their beginnings, it is the constant applied to investigation the treatment of chronic pathologies. This has permitted to the company develop visionary and unpublished products to world level.



Area dedicated to the attention of the Medical body, Physicaltherapist, etc. beginning to their disposition the whole information on the technological development of the system therapeutic CAMPO CUANTICO, the one that for their work facilitates a complete, sure and effective therapeutic intervention for chronic pathologies, whose organic alteration shows with dysfunction of the cellular order.
Clinical controlled experiences, statistical evaluations, and reports from their wide range of application, of which interior in our clinc will be able to, as well as also of the diverse forms of linking with our system.


By means of the application of the system CAMPO CUANTICO the patients have the possibility of recovering the capacity of their biological and metabolic functions in orderly and efficient form, with being therapeutic symptomatic immediate and physiologic gradual changes, creating the most favorable conditions for the reestablishment of the health.

It is important highlight that this method of treatment, you/he/she/it lack secondary effects and contraindications, it is not invating and it could not generate no process [iatrogénico].
If we lose our health, we are limited in all the aspects of the life, since all pathology affects us physics, emotional and mentally. Pain and suffering are the aspects more invalidates of all illness.

The patients that suffer pathologies like: arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, hernias of disk, diabetes, diabetic and veined ulcers, psoriasis, gastritis, pain. etc. could harbor new hopes for the treatment of the same.

The action of the system CAMPO CUANTICO is on the entirety of the organism, without aggressions, without adverse or secondary effects, without toxicity and without keeping in mind the age of the patient.
It won't escape to their high approach that quality of a service doesn't exist if this is not based on the professional knowledge of whom they are their lenders. In this order, we had the back that represents our extensive experience in the matter in which we along the years have reached a development that allows us to assure that, of accepting our proposal, you will feel conforting with the therapeutic effectiveness of this outpost medical technology in our clinics.

Permit us bring near you a better quality of life; permit us bring near you a therapeutic action more than satisfactory and even the maxima possibilities of each patient; permit us bring near you a treatment to an accessible cost.


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